Thursday, 20 May 2010

Westminster garbage and the tricky problem in Land of The Gods

Our political landscape really is changing what with the astonishing news this morning that Diane Abbott has chucked her hat in for the Labour leadership, jaw dropping then much laughter, no disrespect but I think she's only it to mess with the real candidates, I mean c'mon she's quite good with Portillo on that bald letch's show well apart from tonight's show had her flustered against pie-filled Digby Jones.

Jack Straw's kid, should learn his name, has a bit bout the Scottish Conservatives and their amusingly dismal performance at the election - apparently Tebbit-asaur reckons they should just give up! hazah! except he's mental so er oh well. Disagree with this idiot banging on about how we should stop hating the Tories, err no thanks I'm fine with it.

Not sure about these artistic protests of Israel, don't get me wrong I think it's waaay overdue the US get it's finger out but it won't - they're actually arguing about the right to criticise Israeli policy over on Huffpo, hilarious stuff.

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