Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Anyone but the Tories please

Pah - Tories are upset that Gordo might try and cling on in power if it's a tight result, aww poor old them. If they want to see "upset" let's wait and see what happens if the Tories try and rule with a minority government. Here's an interesting article on their planned tactics for wrestling power if it's close.

Not a great day for the Bullingdon boys as Ken Clarke acknowledges they've only got a "slim chance" of getting a majority, Dirtbag Coulson is dragged back into the NOTW phone hacking scandal after Mulcaire's book shapes up and Mekon Hague supports that loon that was trying to cure gays by prayer.

Mind you it's not a great day for Gordo either with some barmy Labour MP touting Brown as Worst PM Ever. According to the Guardian his Mum isn't best pleased.

Leftfootforward, run by Jack Iraq Straw's son, has a bit about Scottish polling, apparently the Scottish Mail on Sunday poll indicates the Tories might lose their only seat. That'd be nice and he's only got a 1700 majority so fingers crossed.

Good to see Cory Doctorow is still punching away at the Murdoch press.

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