Saturday, 8 May 2010

Romero improves & Hill blasts away

Survival of the Dead isn't Romero's best zombie munch movie but it's a definite improvement on Diary of the Dead. The action starts on some backwards coastal island as the locals fight over cleaning out the infected with hot lead or trying to find an alternative food source. A squad of soldiers struggling to stay alive on the mainland decide that the island is a safer bet and end up regretting it. Though there's plenty of head popping and some decent chew-downs the film just isn't scary, there's a few jump-scares sure but there's no tension, no dread. Maybe if they made the island and it's peeps a little more believable and less hokey-frontier styled it might have given a base to build the gore and gags on.

Extreme Prejudice is a slice of 80's action courtesy of Walter Hill. With Texas Ranger Nick Nolte facing off against greasy Kingpin Powers Boothe this is a sweaty border crossing Peckinpah rip off and it's a competent if unremarkable action thriller. The script is terrible, cliches abound and Nolte's stoney faced delivery doesn't help either but the action is handled well and there's certainly plenty of it. Shame they didn't stitch the bad A-Team subplot in tighter though as it just flaps around until almost the very end.

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