Saturday, 15 May 2010

Space Beasties & Psycho Killers

The Hidden is a scifi potboiler about an amusingly murderous body-hopping alien hunted by an expressionless Kyle McLachlan and despite the cliche-ridden script and cheesy acting it was quite good fun. It is 80's tastic though so get ready for some terrible suits, fast cars and rock music among the gunfire, mayhem and nonsense.

Shuttle is nasty thriller about some girls who accept a ride back from the airport in some nutter's minibus. Most of the cast are studio-bots except the driver who plays a rather convincing psycho - turns out the actor is Scottish so that explains that I suppose - but anyways as the journey spirals into more and more preposterous situations I guess the quality of acting doesn't really matter much as the blood letting comes to the fore.

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