Monday, 5 April 2010

"All Governments Are Lying Cocksuckers" Bill Hicks

Lord knows how fast Hicks must be spinning in his grave but I'm sure he'd be delighted by the efforts of Wikileaks this week who were given a classified gunsight tape and have managed to decrypt the video of an incident when 2 US helicopters killed civilians and two Reuters journos in Baghdad back in '07. Of course the military denied responsibility for deaths. Thanks to Wired

The US Military are also finally fessing up to the deaths of 3 women in Afghanistan in Feb. Two of the three were pregnant at the time so as you'd imagine they haven't quite got round to admitting that the corpses were then mutilated to retrieve the bullets and the scene cleaned of other evidence.

Interesting bit on the Daily Beast bout the Israeli government putting the squeeze on a couple of journos who've been investigating the IDF. Nice to see state censorship isn't confined to rogue states and dictatorships.

It's obvious that the rest of the print media avoided the NOTW phone bugging scandal cause they're probably equally as guilty but at least the good old Gruandia is still plugging away. They've got a nice bit on the front page today that'll probably put the heat back on the Yard and hopefully it's enough to warrant a proper investigation. I'm sure there must be someone out there who'd like to stick it to the wrinkly old Australian and his charmless offspring?

Finally Private Eye have an interesting take on the Byer's-ride-me-like-a-cab fiasco - seems like a Tory MP got a whiff of the sting and warned her grubby handed colleagues so that's why it was light on greedy Tories. Doh. Double doh as it looks like I missed a similar article from the Gruadina last month.

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