Friday, 9 April 2010

General Meh Lection

Questioning my own sanity is one of my favourite pastimes so I was delighted to see I hadn't imagined Michael Caine's verbal mistakes during his endorsement of the Tory National Service policy shebang.

“I’ve actually seen a government who is interested. This government, I think, is doing a wonderful thing with the National Citizen service, so let’s give them a second chance.”

Well he's getting on a bit and these actors are hardly renowned for their brains are they?. Doesn't say much about the rich old thesp that he's prepared to emigrate if we tax him a single percentile point more on his millions. Quote taken from The Mirror's website.

Some dim wannabe Scottish Labour mp dude Mclennan has got the boot today for failing to understand Twitter. His expletive laden rants didn't go unread and after a quick think Labour HQ has decided he should go. Guido has some choice examples and points out he's a Rangers fan which frankly explains everything.

Gordo has been interviewed by and has repeated Mandy's appeal that peeps should vote Lib Dem wherever Labour can't win - he doesn't have much confidence in a Lab win then? Good advice though as I've love to see the Eton boys faces if they lost.

The brilliant B3TA has an interesting link in this weeks mailout - VoterPower shows exactly how much your vote counts by postcode - stupid old Labour should have done Electoral reform in their second term rather than try and chuck AV in at the last minute.

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