Friday, 9 April 2010

Screen plays films

Tucked away late at night on More4 this week was Starsuckers - an expose of our current obsession with celebs and the media's manipulation of our obsession for maximum profit. With some natty animated sequences and some prestidigitation along the way it was a powerful swipe at moronic contemporary culture with some interesting points and a fascinating (unwitting?) contribution from Max Clifford. Directed by the guy who did Taking Liberties this played out like Adam Curtis-lite but that's no bad thing and is certainly worth watching if like me you're ticked off with celeb stories leaking into serious news broadcasts.

Panic in the Streets is a fantastic, frantic film by the director of On The Waterfront. A couple of hoods are carrying the plague around New Orleans while an army doctor is desperately trying to find them and stop the spread of the contagion with limited help from the authorities. The acting, particularly by Palance and Zero Mostel is superb, it's well paced and the whole thing has a lovely noirish feel to it.

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