Wednesday, 21 April 2010

High Life

Fascinating article on BoingBoing via Mindhacks about a study of the effects of the little understood drug Salvia Divinorum on the human noggin. In true 21st style the San Diego State Uni psychologists analysed videos of the effects that had been uploaded by psychonauts onto Youtube, mmm real science that, not dumbing down at all, no. Anyways some of the vids are quite funny - have a look here - and it's certainly an interesting substance worth investigating like Ibogaine which also effects our kappa opioid receptors. I've tried Salvia Divinorum once but it either wasn't very strong or I was already too "distracted" by other substances to notice much effect and I can't say I'm in a hurry to try again.

While on a psychedelic note I should mention that John Lennon's lost stash of LSD has been unearthed at his former home in Surrey according to Meztger's Dangerous Minds blog .
lennpn stash found

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