Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tellybox Round Up

The Pacific is more of the same stunning WW2 action from Hanks & Spielberg this time following the brutal island to island war waged against the Japanese. If you saw Band of Bros you'll watch this regardless of what I say and it's well worth the effort. Ep 3 is a bit dull though as they're on leave in Melbourne so feel free to skip it.

The pilot episode for Lizzie And Sarah was brilliant, fantastically dark and beautifully played by Julia Davis & Jessica Hynes. Two frumpy housewives stuck in horrible relationships decide to change their lives, violently. It doesn't look like it's getting a full run though which is a crime given the preponderance of cack on the small screen.

Justified is a contemporary western/cop show starring Timothy Olyphant as a US Marshall sent back home after shooting too many criminals. Based on a novel by Elmore Leonard it's reasonably acted, occasionally funny but very light and tv-frothy. It could really do with a long running story arc rather than just capturing dimwit of the week but I'll watch a little longer

Back from the wilderness are Fringe ('tis ok but dreading the forthcoming musical ep), South Park (tedious Tiger Woods ep kicked it off but 2nd is better), V (still riddled with plotholes and shaky acting) and finally Dr Who is back with a new Dr with a very strangely shaped head but a decent enough season opener.

Southland's 2nd & all too brief season has come to a close and I think I enjoyed it more than the first. Fingers crossed it gets picked up again as this beat cop drama set in LA had plenty of good acting and some decent writing.

I watched BSG through to the end and enjoyed it but it had it's share of duff episodes that were worth skipping. Caprica on the other hand seems to chug along at a consistently mediocre level - it's got some nice scifi ideas and that but it's too soapy for me and the cast, other than Stoltz, can't act for toffee.

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