Friday, 2 April 2010

Swiss Space & Toon Tie-in

Don't think I've ever seen a Swiss film before but I was more than impressed with the ambitious scifi flick Cargo. Set in a future where humanity lives in ginormous orbital platforms above a burnt out Earth our protagonist decides to sign up as ship doctor on a freighter so she can afford to move to Rhea the only other habitable planet we've found. The 8yr journey doesn't run smoothly however and as crew members turn up dead and suspicions boil they realise they need to search the ship's hold. It may tread familiar ground but this is a well acted, thoughtful scifi film and given the tiny budget ( a tenth of District 9's ) it's a resounding success.

Halo Legends was alright - an animated portmanteau of seven stories set in the Halo universe. There's some great & some bad segments but that's the norm for these type things like Animatrix and Gotham Knight before it. Animation was pretty sweet though so even the guff tales kept me entertained but I think you'll need to be somewhat aware of the games to appreciate it.

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