Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Election Dysfunction

Nick Clegg's performance on last week's leaders debate has lifted his party's standing so high he's pushed Gordon into 3rd place ho-ho-ho bet Cameron's ruing the day he agreed Nick should be on board. Anyways rather than accept this has anything to do with his policies or his fresh, honestish approach both Reds & Blues were super keen to paint the rise as just a blip, a freak result from the TV debate or an anti-politics vote blah blah excuses excuses. They should be careful though as UK Polling Report has them, 6 days after the 1st debate, still on 31%, just two behind the Tories and 4% ahead of Brown. Rolling on the floor would barely describe my amusement at this turn of events and it's been great watching both Conservatives & Labour squirm around trying to figure out whats happening.

Clegg is even attracting a bit of international attention with the headline on Huffpo at one point today, a gazillion pieces on DailyDish and there's even been some Russki paper claiming he's descended from Russian aristos. He does seem a bit more normal than the other two to be honest and he's certainly got a interesting multicultural view plus he's got a celeb-connect with old uni pal Sam Mendes and even drove across the States with Marcel and Louis Theroux as a young man. Certainly an improvement than a son of the manse and an Eton posho.

Someone at ConHQ decided that they better shove creepy George Osbourne out into the sunlight today as it's been quite a while since the campaign mismanager showed face. Sitting next to charmer Ken Clarke was a bad idea though as it just highlighted his failings and general ickyness. Marina Hyde has a nice bit from the Guradina about his day out.

Cameron & crew do seem to be a little gaff prone of late and hot on the heels of Grayling's slip up suggesting it's cool to allow discrimination against homosexuals in B&B's & Camo's own cringing interview comes another Tory doofus who's not a fan of The Gays. This time it's a no-one called Julian Lewis who compared a gay lifestyle to be as dangerous as fighting on the front line. I'm sure Pickles is dragging him over coals as we speak.

Poor old Cameron was egged today at some event - bet he didn't respond in Prescott style.

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