Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Blair, English bigots & Tory Woes

Hahaha massive bawbag Tony Blair is cancelling his next signing event, nothing at all to do with the shoes, bottles and eggs that were thrown at him in Dublin of course. I'm liking the reshelving protest too - nice and childish.

Fat faced goon Rod Liddle writes about Scotland like well the English prick he is. Seems he's not alone in his anti-Scottish sentiments - independence, whether good or bad, looms closer I think. Mind you Salmond has retreated on his referendum pledge presumably thinking a wait will allow the coalition stink to ferment a little longer.

Amusing troubles for our Tory masters these days, the NOTW/Coulson phone hacking shenanigans have resurfaced again after the detailed NYT piece and Willy Hague found himself on the receiving end of Guido's particular brand of shitraking. Not that Fawkes has been put off by the tut-tutting with a sneering post today and a pic of the twin bedroom Hague supposedly shared with his driver.

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