Sunday, 12 September 2010

Greek Gore & Train Troubles

Greek Zombie splatter fest Evil is a pretty decent zombie flick given it's obviously tiny budget. 3 dudes investigate a mysterious cave and unwittingly release a people chomping plague so a band of survivors end up traipsing the city looking for a safe haven. It's a little crude and the acting is so-so but once it gets going the action is amusingly violent, reminiscent of Bad Taste/Braindead with head popping, gouging etc. The prequel was at the EIFF this year apparently so I'll check that out when it becomes, er, available.

Horror Express is a surprisingly entertaining Cushing & Lee romp from '72. Sure it's hardly original, mashing Murder on the Orient with The Thing from Another World but it somehow works. Lee uncovers a frozen corpse in Manchuria and is shipping it home to Blighty via the Transsiberian railway and obviously corpsey has his own agenda and the killing starts. A nice schlocky b-movie with bonus Telly Savalas ham-aganza.

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