Thursday, 16 September 2010

Trouble With Dreams

The Lathe of Heaven, adapted from Le Guin's novel, is an intelligent SF film that succeeds despite it's tv-movie budget. Set on a decaying, war ravaged, near-future Earth the film follows George Orr who realises that some of his dreams have been altering reality but who unfortunately seeks help from an unscrupulous psychiatrist whose sole concern is harnessing this power. Though it suffers from ropey FX it's a nicely paced film with some big ideas & considerably more enjoyable film than the 2002 remake. Whole film below.

Chasing Sleep stars Jeff Daniels as an insomniac with a missing wife problem and some suddenly malfunctioning plumbing. It's a kind of ambiguous Lynch-lite thriller a little theatrical but it has some atmos and Daniels puts in an decent performance as the Uni professor descending into a druggy/sleepy fugue with added sprinkles of hallucination.

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