Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hitch + Steinbeck + Highsmith

As I've just acquired 3 seasons of Alfred Hitchcock Presents I thought I'd watch a couple of his films to get in the mood.

Lifeboat is one of those early Hitch films that I've neglected for his later films. Bit of a mistake as this tight little thriller written by John Steinbeck is superbly acted and a masterclass in tension. In case you haven't seen it already the plot follows the fortunes of a gaggle of survivors who help a Nazi onto their boat.

I haven't seen Strangers on a Train since I was a kid but I'm glad I've given it another go as I hadn't realised it was written by Patricia Highsmith nor picked up on the coded homosexuality of Bruno. Anyways its another fine Hitch thriller this time about a tennis star who has lunch with an affable lunatic not realising just how super keen he is on doing a murder swap. With a brilliant performance by Robert Walker and a razor sharp script this dark little film is one of Hitch's best.

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