Monday, 20 September 2010

The Other One Eyed Monster

Martin Scorsese muscles his way onto the small screen with Boardwalk Empire, a Prohibition era drama about Atlantic city and it's morally challenged inhabitants. The first episode was pretty stunning introducing a complex web of characters & plot with ease all pinned down by a strong cast including the always excellent Steve Buscemi. Hopefully it's inevitable success will encourage other feature directors onto the tube.

I'm a big fan of Plait's blog Bad Astronomy so was delighted he's got presenting a nerdy show called Bad Universe. The first ep is about asteroids and he packs in plenty of science in the hour but softens the impact with Mythbuster-ish experiments and some goofy cartoons. It's not exactly groundbreaking stuff but it's entertaining enough that I'll keep watching.

At last! The Venture Bros return with the 2nd half of the 4th Season of the highly amusing cartoon spoof. If you haven't seen it before I'd start at the beginning.

The Event is a new Lost/Flash Forward big budget mystery show thingy. First episode was alirght, a bit too much jumping between timelines for my tastes and well the event itself was a little underwhelming but I'll give it a few more episodes before deciding whether it's a turkey or not, mainly cause I think it'll be about aliens.

Real Time With Bill Maher is back and just in time. with the sudden victory of the dim, anti-wanking politician Christine O'Donnell the Teabagger movement has shifted into top gear so it's just as well Maher is blackmailing her to appear on Real Time with embarrassing clips from his earlier show Politically Incorrect.

You've probably already heard but Colbert/Stewart are also pushing back against rise of the idiots with their own D.C rallies.

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