Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Great Antidote

Tiny tiny pyramid constructed using magnetically sensitive bacteria - ahh those crazy boffins. Tanks to Reddit & head to Make if you want to see the vid.

Uh-oh looks like polar shifts might not take 5000 years after all - according to new research it might take just 4. Eek. NS

Chimps from Bossou, Guinea appear to be outsmarting hunters by deliberately deactivating snares. Beeb

Evidence for panspermia in the Red Rain that occurred over Kerala? Indian scientists think they've evidence for non-terrestrial cells but I'm skeptical.

Some German scientists have discovered cerebral cortex like structures in marine worms - an important piece in the evolutionary history of our own. Via Science Daily.

Super freaky undersea critter- via Io9 & some Japanese site.

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