Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Usual Political Stoma Bag

As much as I dislike Guido's personal politics you've got to give him kudos for chasing down shit no matter what colour the stripe is and his digging into this story bout Willy Hague's hunky driver getting a FO job and sharing his hotel room is commendable.

Some American was offended by our condescending attitude towards the US and tries to explain why 1 in 5 'Mericans think Obama is a Muslim. Poor sod he's on a Sisyphean task what with Glenn Beck's mass huddle of idiots in DC at the weekend. Sure Beck's a cartoonish Mormon rabblerouser but he's effective, a pan piper for the unthinking, too harsh? well watch this clip from the Daily Dish and you might change your mind. I've seen the interviewer before on bits like this - he needs an award for keeping a straight face.

Seems like there's a campaign under way to get Colbert to repeat Beck's event at the Lincoln Memorial - after his triumphant performance at the Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner

Ahh Tony Blair, forked tongued warmonger, has finally released his bullshit memoirs and no doubt it'll derail Labour further. The leadership contenders should really think about putting the boot into Blair like they've done with Mandelson, after all it was his duplicity that lead them to defeat.

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