Sunday, 26 September 2010

British Monsterism & Shabby Sequel

While the creatures in Monsters take a back seat this is still an interesting sci-fi road movie that works it's tiny budget really, really well. Anyways in a post alien-invasion world a reporter is tasked with escorting the boss' daughter back to America but a series of attacks forces them to cross the infected zone on foot. Making the most of the amazing Mexican landscape and a decent couple of actors this lo-fi gem relies on character and the writing as well as some thoughtful CGI to build the story and shows yet again you don't need a bucket of cash to make a good film.

30 Days of Night: Dark Days is a straight to video sequel to the Alaskan vampire movie from a few years back. The original was ok but had it's fair share of cheese - this follow up, sans Melissa George, is a just big bag of shit. Dunno if it's based on the graphic novels but the plot is weak, aby the numbers script and the action is cheap and cartoonish. Not quite as bad as From Dusk Till Dawn 2 but not far off it.

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