Thursday, 2 September 2010

Lions & Fishies

Four Lions, written & directed by Chris Morris is a deliciously dark satire that's surprisingly poignant. Following the antics of a bunch of deeply moronic homegrown jihadists as they plan a terrorist attack Morris squeezes plenty of uncomfortable laughs out the situation and has mustered an excellent cast to flesh out these ostensibly unlikeable characters. A finely judged film that challenges as much as it entertains it confirms Morris as one of our best. Note - according to IMDB Mr Morris is working on a new film about Lee Atwater who seems a bit of a character to say the least.

The original Dante/Sayles Piranha is a bit of a cult classic, the remake, well, not so much, it's entertaining enough and sure there's plenty of blood spilled and there's some - obviously skint - decent actors in it but it's adolescently festooned with the lovely ladies and there's roughly a gazillion plotholes throughout but these trivial gripes are nothing compared to the crass commerciallity (sic) of the ending, it's the most abrupt, obvious sequel-baiting finale I've ever seen. I dunno, if Aja had spent just 10 mins tying up the plot strands this could have been something decent. Harumph.

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