Saturday, 4 September 2010

Genre yammerings

Some interesting artwork from the now aborted Dune remake. Io9 & Jock's site

Del Toro is working on his adaptation of Lovecraft's Mountains of Madness and, according to Empire, is considering Cruise or McAvoy for the lead. It's not due to shoot till next May so he's got plenty of time to change his mind though.

M.Night Shyamalanga ding dong is finally making some moves for a sequel to Unbreakable - his only decent film. The best bit about the news is he isn't going to write or direct it. Thanks Cinematical.

The new Judge Dredd film casting continues - Kiwi Karl Urban is already confirmed as Dredd and now they've snagged a Judge Anderson in Olivia Thirlby. Simply called Dredd it's being pitched as a neo-noir action film and with both writer Alex Garland and director Pete Travis being British I'm quite hopeful though it won't take much to surmount the Sly's 90's version. Via Den of Geek.

I watched The Sorcerers not that long ago - a bit of a dud but it had promise, someone else seems to think so and it looks like heading for a remake. Shame they're eyeing up Danny fucktard Dyer for a role. io9

First still from Duncan Jones' next movie - Source Code. Haven't heard much about the film before this and half to say I'm slightly disheartened by Gyllenhaal's involvement. From Slashfilm

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