Sunday, 5 December 2010

All about Assange

I've already voted for Assange as Time magazine's man of the year award as he's provided me with much much amusement. If you're likewise inclined you can vote here and if you're a bit more tech minded why not help host a mirror site? or grab the Wiki Insurance file here.

He's certainly made himself quite unpopular with multiple DOS attacks on the main Wikileaks site & the French site has gone down oh and the not at all subtle sex charges raised by Sweden.

Australian Assange isn't too chuffed about his Prime Minister's kowtowing to America but he shouldn't be surprised our very own Posh Camo promised to be a pro-US PM. (What even more so than Tony?)

Halfwit Palin and co have decide Assange is a terrorist? surely a new nadir of hypocrisy. They've also told US government workers not to read the leaks.

Julian's lawyer appeared on Marr's Breakfast show this morning and according to the Guardian he thinks he's being watched.

They've also been picking up other members of Wikileaks

Amazon capitulated and stopped hosting one of the mirror sites and Paypal have closed their donation account - er I'm sure Julian's interweb chums will be in touch real soon - oh dear Anonymous are already marshalling their forces.

A Pakistani Judge offers some sanity by refusing to ban Wikileaks and it seems the Swiss are confident enough to give the finger to the US

Reporters Without Borders are also standing on the right side of the fence.

Odd ball political maverick Ron Paul wants even more Wikileaks - me too

Assange should be chuffed with the shitstorm that's whipped up but they've only released a fraction of the cables so far. Wonder what the UFO stuff is he's talking about?

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