Saturday, 18 December 2010

Usual Scientific Spatters

Looks like they've found a Jumbo Ice Volcano on Titan. ta New Scientist. APOD's photo.

Bubble collision might provide proof of other Universes. Physorg.

6 year old Opportunity Rover still making good science, Wired.

Wikileaks provides again with details exposing Pfizer muscling a Nigerian attorney to stop his investigation of illegal, tragically fatal, child experimentation.

Lightning inspired X-Rays snapped - explanation at ImpactLab
Winter Solstice + Lunar Eclipse will no doubt send the soft brained quivering.

Wang finds unconscious memories? ScienceDaily.

US Navy have built a massive railgun.

The Discover blog has a great Top 100 Science Stories of 2010. Via Io9

Google have launched a quite addictive statistical tool that searches for word usage in online books. That's Dunce below.

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