Sunday, 5 December 2010

Gervais & Boyle Stand Up

Podgy egomaniac Ricky Gervais seems to be running out of gas as well as gags if his latest dvd Science is anything to go by. I'm not averse to close-to-the-bone comedy but Gervais seems to lose interest halfway through and relies on the shock laughs a little too much, worst of all however is I'm sure I've heard some of the bits before. It's not all guff though as there is a nice routine based on an illustrated Noah book he won at Sunday School which starts some gleeful hole poking in the idiotic and unoriginal story of a dude who builds a boat and stuffs it with critters which apparently won't eat each other. Stick to the movies Ricky oh yeah don't bother as they're a bit crap too.

Frankie Boyle's latest dvd "..Strangle You I Would" filmed during his latest and apparently final live tour is a much stronger effort. Even more un-pc than Gervais, Boyle pulls few punches in his rambling tirade against the world and the first row of his audience but he's much much funnier throughout. This tour hasn't been shy of controversy and it's clear that Boyle doesn't give a shit so there's no shortage of dark laughs though I must warn you it's definitely not gonna amuse everyone (specially not my girlfriend). Bizarrely he's now got a sketch show on 4 called Tramadol Nights which I'll have to check it out.

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