Monday, 20 December 2010

Finger & Thumb Fun

Following on from Flow & Flower, thatgamecompany's next PSN game is Journey and it looks quite cool.

Mmm Minecraft just moved into beta - a friend has developed quite a passion for this intriguing game. Doubt it'll ever get a console release but I can amuse myself with the insanely geeky creations already on offer.

ITV & 4OD have arrived on the PS3 media bar - both appear to have a limited selection compared to the Virgin portal but it's a good start.

Moving Pixels have a nice Top 5 Flash Games of 2010 - good to see Adult Swim's bonkers Robot Unicorn Attack features but the rest are equally as inspired. Loved and Coma are definitely worth a look.

Sony are releasing their PSP/Phone thingy in April next year. Wonder if it'll have PS3 compatibility ?

Apparently Demon's Souls has moved to Pure White until the 28th - guess it's time to return to the Leechmonger's Archstone.

Brave nerds confront notoriously grumpy director David O Russel to demand Nathan Fillion gets cast in the upcoming Drake movie.

My inner Sony fanboy was delighted to read yesterday that Braid's creator Jonathon Blow thinks PlayStation are more likely to support artsy games than Microsoft. Sadly it turns out he's not very happy with CVG's creative editing of the interview.

Japan loves video games and also very fancy toilets so it's unsurprising they've mashed the two together and invented a urinal interface video game with a selection of 4 different pissing challenges. Presumably they're already working on a jobby based follow up? Don't recommend googling it though.

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