Thursday, 23 December 2010

City Pursuits & Royal Hunts

The Town is a Boston crime thriller with Ben Affleck acting and directing. Affleck and his heist gang are pulling a string of jobs for Pete Postlethwaite but the attention of the Feds as well as local PD start making things complicated. It's not bad, I'd say slightly above average Hollywood fare with a good standard of thesping throughout but it's hamstrung by a preposterous romantic side story and some clunky dialogue.

Dragonslayer is a Disney fantasy flick with Ralph Richardson. An old wizard leaves his apprentice to the task of killing a pesky dragon that's terrorising some kingdom. Other than Richardson's nicely crafted cameo as the bumbling aged Wizard this is the usual Disney cheese fest with the museum curator from Ghostbusters 2 waving the magic pendant about trying to impress his lady friend amidst some cheap special FX. Bland and uninspired so only for 80's nostalgia freaks.

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