Sunday, 19 December 2010

British Biker B-Movies

These Are The Damned is one of those strange Hammer hybrid films that gleefully skips across genres much like The Lost Continent did. A young Oliver Reed stars as the topdog of a gang of campy, leather clad bikers and after mugging a passing Yank things quickly escalate and they suddenly find themselves embroiled in some seriously murky military experiments. Directed by the then blacklisted Joseph Losey this is actually a grossly undervalued slice of British scifi with a reasonably intelligent script and some decent performances. I won't reveal the plot twist but it transforms the film from amiable childish nonsense into something much much darker.

Psychomania is a crappy, so-bad-its-good biker horror flick from 1973. A remarkably posh gang of bikers discover the secret to life beyond the grave and begin to terrorise the locals with their undead antics. This is decidedly almost sub-B-movie fare with dodgy acting, a piss poor script and a laughable plot that was presumably designed as tabloid bait. Regardless of it's many shortcomings I still kinda enoyed it, it does have bags of brio, plenty of bike chase/stunts and some groovy tunes so maybe if you're a fan of trashy, cult films you should give it a go.

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