Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Dirty Game

New Wiki-cables detail how Kofi Annan tried to tempt batshit tyrant Mugabe into a sweet retirement deal apparently funded by Col. Gadafi.

The Bank of America have stopped processing Wikileaks payments too - probably nothing to do with the imminent wikileaks detailing corporate malfeasance.

DG of the BBC, Mark Thompson, thinks we should have a Fox News channel here in the UK. What a twat. Presumably this is some strategic arse licking of Jimmy Murdoch but even thinking it should get him the sack.

Some Tory fucktard wants us to embrace the chaos of decentralisation. Bet he's a rich bastard.

Assange is ticked off his chums at the Guardina ran the piece about his sex charges and but get his juice by walking off mid-interview with a ABC news reporter and calls him a tabloid schmuck.

Australia takes a stand against Israeli pressure and allows Hezbollah affiliated TV channel Al-Manar to be broadcast.

Julian's apparently in fear of his life so shacking up with an eccentric ex-soldier is probably a good idea but we should be thinking more about the source of the cables PFC Manning currently getting special treatment in a US prison and according to the Indy getting pressured to name Assange as a co-conspirator.

Michael Moore isn't too pleased with journos either and wades into the Cuba-banned-Sicko story

Stupid EU organisers projected random tweets from the public on a wall during a recent Brussels meeting - cue lots of fun at Berlusconi's expense.

Pugnacious mustachioed Bush-era hawk and massive prick John Bolton is considering running for Pres in 2012.

Charlie Brooker has an amusing little roundup of 2010.

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