Sunday, 26 December 2010

Hurt's Pain & Bill Double

Whistle and I'll Come to You has had a Xmas TV remake and it's actually quite good though most of it's success lies with John Hurt's excellent performance. Hurt plays an aging academic taking a little seaside break in a crummy hotel and after finding a ring on the beach he begins to feel a touch haunted. The original was a slender piece so they've fleshed out the story a little but essentially it's the same old fashioned chiller that ruminates over memory and loss. I hope the Beeb give some other M. R. James stuff similarly adept reworkings.

After enjoying Nothing Lasts Forever I thought I'd treat myself to some more back-cat Bill Murray during the Festivus lazy days so first up is Quick Change, a comedic bank robbery caper which seems to have erm inspired a recent Spike Lee film. Anyways Murray stages a cunning robbery dressed as a clown but during their escape things begin to unravel. A witty comedy that gives Murray plenty of room for laughs - strange it's never had a R2 dvd release.

Next up is Stripes - a film I haven't seen since a kid but I've fond memories of. Harold Ramis, John Candy and Judge Reinhold all assist deadbeat Bill Murray wisecrack and charm his way in and out of military mischief after enlisting as a Marine on a whim. After rewatching it those fond memories are most probably due to the appearance of some fine 80's titties and a brief bush flash but besides these attractions it's an enjoyable old-school, all-for-one comedy with some decent laughs along the way. Not as brilliant as Caddyshack or Buffalo but still worth watching.

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