Thursday, 23 December 2010

Hammer Rebirth & Clint Squint

Let Me In is the latest in a long line of identikit, largely unnecessary US remakes of foreign language films. Most are usually butchered by the Hollywood machine and turn out like Taxi or Vanilla Sky for but this effort is somewhat more competent and maybe that's due to it being the first production from the relaunched Hammer Studio, now owned by some Dutch peeps. Anyways it's nicely shot, well directed and has two strong performances from the young leads but unfortunately didn't quite seem capable of conjuring the creepy, unsettling atmosphere that permeated the original though maybe that's just my prejudice (I've read the book too). It's still a decent horror vamp thingy and if you're too monged for subs I'd say dig in.

Written by Elmore Leonard, directed by John Sturges with music from Schiffrin and starring Eastwood, Duvall & John Saxon Joe Kidd is a sharp, snappy Western from 1972. Clint gets recruited into a posse searching for a Mexican revolutionary and it becomes quickly apparent he's fighting for the wrong side. They pack in plenty of action and wit in it's brief 83 mins but it's all a little unremarkable - there's nothing wrong with it per se it just lacks a definitive scene or line or something that would make it more memorable. An entertaining, solid Western but nothing to get too excited about.

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