Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Choo Choo & Chan

Tony Scott's films, just like his brother's, have a unique visual signature and Unstoppable drips with more of the same shiny, saturated, hyperkinetic style that you can see in Domino or Deja Vu. Anyways his latest Hollywoody thriller follows two train drivers attempts to stop a explosive runaway train from going boom - one's old and black the other white, young and troubled, the big suits are bad but there's some quirky locals on hand to help blah blah blah. It's well made product and Denzel and New Kirk do fine but essentially it's just nicely shot, polished cardboard straight from the factory floor.

Project A is one of Jackie Chan's ambitious period-set romps that really demonstrate all his talents; there's laughs, plenty of fu, pretty ladies, nods to classic comedians and of course some utterly insane stunts. It's maybe not quite as enjoyable as Eagle's Shadow or Drunken Master but this is still awesome late night entertainment.

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