Thursday, 20 January 2011

No English

Rare Exports is funny, dark reworking of the Santa mythos from Finland. A young kid is perturbed when after miners excavate a burial mound his naughty friends start disappearing but when his Dad ignores his warnings he decides he'll have to sort it out by himself. This is the perfect antidote to the usual sentimental Xmas movie bullshit and great fun throughout - a lovely grim fairy tale that will no doubt get mashed and drained by the Hollywood machine before next Yuletide.

The international fraternity of the Undead is comically expanded by Tokyo Zombie, a barmy Japanese film about a pair of moronic plant workers who use their ju-jitsu to defend themselves against the flesh hungry horde but find themselves still on the shitty end of the stick in the post-apocalyptic society. Though the effects are pretty cheap and there wasn't enough initial zombie killing for me it's still a gleefully violent, very funny film and I loved it but it is quite bonkers in that uniquely Japanese way so consider yourself warned.

Metropia is an animated Swedish dystopia about a depressed office worker who starts hearing a nagging voice in his bonce and plunges into a continent wide conspiracy. The plot itself isn't particularly special but the animation is brilliant, real photos are manipulated creating characters and scenery alike, giving the film a very unique feel. Despite it's visual quality it's isn't particularly interesting so unless you're a fan of animation or bleak futures I'd give it a miss.

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