Saturday, 1 January 2011

Dunce, Dunce, Dunce

In 1931 the New York Times asked some famous white folks what they thought America would be like in 2011 and got some interesting answers so I decided to ask the mighty webtubes a similar question and here's some of the answers..

May 21st is the date of the Rapture according to Harold Camping. Must remember to repent/convert May 20th.

Obama is going to start spilling about our E.T./A.L.F chums some time in the Spring.

The Iranian Bushehr facility will get an October surprise nuke strike according to someone with a penchant for dead prophets.

Among Craig Hamilton Parker's ball gazing results is the prediction that Macca & Yono are going to do a record and there will be a big California Quake - doesnt mention if both events will coincide so fingers crossed.

Mullenite seems pretty confident that the 7th Seal will be opened on Sept 22nd and it'll be heralded by Orion going super nova.

Michael McClellan has a lot of prophecies for 2011, handy that, anyways in May apparently there's going to be a mass culling of Nuns in France and in December Planet X will cause a massive quake in Oz.

The big J.C. will be back soon, touching down on Sat 14th of May at precisely 9:32am, so says Jonathon Selby

Alamongordo whatever that is reckons Egyptian President Mubarak will meet his maker this year but then he's also predicting the classic WW3 with China, Russia or maybe Iran.

The Scott's are sure there'll be a global shift in human consciousness midwifed by ancient alien guardians - I think.

I can't make head nor tail out of this person's biblical 'thesis' but it does have some helpful diagrams, mentions psychokinetic weather control, WW3 and thinks 2011 will see the rise of the Antichrist Putin. I'm not convinced mainly cause I'm sure the Great Beast would do a better job of Blueberry Hill.

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