Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Man Boxed & Swampy Thing

I'm quite fond of closed room thrillers like Exam and Fermat's Room but Buried pushes beyond the norm with just one man stuck in a coffin for 90 mins. Ryan Reynolds stars as the unfortunate American kidnapped in Iraq and shoved in a box with only a mobile phone to arrange his own ransom. Reynolds' strong performance and a nicely paced plot keep you from noticing how ridiculous it all is but it's all squandered on an easy, unimaginative ending.

Hatchet 2 sees the only survivor from the first film return to the Louisiana swamp to do battle once again with the murderous freak Victor Crawley. The acting is perfunctory and there's plenty of grisly deaths along the way but with fewer laughs than the first and even less story this is an archetypal for the money sequel that I wouldn't bother watching.

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