Monday, 17 January 2011

New Disappointments

Nic Cage's latest film Season of the Witch has taken a hammering in the press lately so I was looking forward to watching what I presumed would be an amusingly bad B-movie that only Cage would be involved in like say the remake of Wicker Man or Ghost Rider. Cage is joined in his medieval-y Witch roadtrip by the excellent Stephen Graham & Ron Perlman, the Irish kid from Misfits and briefly by Christopher Lee but sadly it's decidedly average, not quite as bad as the papers have been making out or maybe that's the presence of Perlman I dunno but I found it quite tedious, sure there's a few laughable lines and some great Cage faces but it just plods along the usual supernatural tropes till a CGi heavy finale. Ho hum not bad enough to be funny and not good enough to entertain.

Soulboy is an unimaginative, workman like coming of age drama set during the heyday of the Northern Soul movement of 70's Britain. The acting is ok but the script is half hearted and the plot superhackneyed - boy meets stunner but realises he loves another blah blah. Still there's plenty of storming tracks to enjoy it's just a shame they couldn't have tried a bit harder with story. Maybe this other film will make a better fist of it? Or you could just trawl YouTube.

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