Friday, 7 January 2011

The Great Antidote

Phobos, the odd little Martian moon is still baffling boffins. ESA are reporting "several of these interior Phobos compartments also appear to still be holding some kind of atmosphere ...." mmm anyone read Rendezvous With Rama. Wonder what the Russian's Grunt probe will uncover? Via DailyGalaxy photo APOD

Someone's recrunched Apollo mission data and given us a much better look at the Moon's structure. Via IO9

ScientificAmerican have a bit about the controversial find in Israel of some very early human chompers.

Women's tears appear to effect men's testosterone levels. Via NYT

A brave Professor from Cornell is about to publish a parapsychology paper in a mainstream scientific journal and as expected is already taking it in the neck. Again from the NYT

Physorg always has great stuff but it's mostly beyond my ken. Here's a bit about making holograms of atoms from electrons.

Cambridge eggheads have unlocked some of the early history of our Universe by analysing light emitted from Black Holes.

BoxOfficeQuant have a nice diagram demonstrating what we all know - movie sequels are usually piss poor.

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