Sunday, 16 January 2011

Resplendent Independents

Anguish is a barmy horror thriller from the mind of Bigas Luna. Structured like a demented Babushka doll a mother/eye obsessed serial killer wreaks revenge on those who've wronged him while two girls freak out in the cinema while watching said killer - all very meta and highly enjoyable. It's crammed with hypnotic imagery and auditory tinkering which help build the increasing feverish atmosphere while characters on both sides of the screen start to lose their grip on reality. A marvellously surreal satire on the power of cinema & movie violence.

Skeletons is a charming, offbeat comedy about a pair of exorcists who root around uncovering personal problems with some lo-fi technology like some sort of spiritual repairmen. Unfortunately their own problems and misgivings come to a head when they're asked to find the missing husband of a lonely housewife. With two great performances from the leads, William Adamsdale & Andrew Buckley, and a sharp script this is a funny and quite touching debut from director Nick Whitfield. Considered alongside the equally imaginative debut feature Monsters from Gareth Edwards and you might start getting excited about British genre cinema.

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