Thursday, 6 January 2011

Filmy Bits

John Carpenter's latest feature The Ward finally has a trailer.

George Lucas finally pulls his finger out and Star Wars gets some rather pricey bluray releases. IO9

Despite Caprica's demise there's going to be another Battlestar spin off called Blood & Chrome.

Gareth Edwards, who directed Monsters, is going to have a crack at Godzilla according to Cinematical.

Spielberg has a time travel tv show due this year and one about an alien invasion but I'll put money on them both being a bit shit.

Blastr have the inevitable film preview of 2011 list and it's jammed with trailers. Cinematical & IO9 have comparable posts.

Deadspace Downfall was a surprisingly gruesome animated companion piece to the excellent videogame and with Dead Space 2 about to hit the shops there's another tie-in movie due, Aftermath. Not keen on the blend of CGI and traditional animation but will give it a go.

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