Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tome Time

2011 so far feels bookish to me and a bounty awaits - I certainly can't remember the last time there were 8 new books from some of my favourite authors to look forward to. First up is Gene Wolfe's return to scifi with Home Fires (due Feb), Io9 have a recent interview with him and it does sound a bit Forever Waresque but you never can tell with Wolfe. In April Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen returns with a swinging 60's London adventure and Robert Irwin publishes Memoirs of a Dervish a seemingly autobiographical recollection of life as a 60's spiritual seeker, presumably a counterpart to his excellent Satan Wants Me. China Mieville stretches to the edge of the universe in May with his new sci-fi Embassytown. Jon Ronson's new book The Psychopath Test will be out in June and I'm sure it'll be a typically idiosyncratic take on the business of madness. 1Q84 is the title of Haruki Murakami's September dated new novel and will probably be more of the same strange but beautiful Japanese mysterium, Christopher Priest's The Islanders is due in October and finally Umberto Eco's The Cemetery of Prague in November with a no-doubt intricate tale of 19th Century espionage. Thanks to Robert Llewellyn's Carpool and his amusing Ronson interview for bringing the new book to my attention. If you haven't seen soon-to-be-Kryten-again's show before it's a charming, light interviewy thing filmed in his car and is quite enjoyable, he seems an amiable chap and has got good taste in car sharers with David Mitchell, Stephen Fry and Ben Goldacre all cadging a lift and chewing the fat amongst others.

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