Wednesday, 3 February 2010

2 bad 1 good but grim

Vincent Price, ham of hams, stars in the so-so Theatre of Blood from 1973. It's quite funny in bits I suppose but it's neither gory nor scary and I spent most of the time just drooling at Diana Rigg and spotting forgotten British actors. Price plays Lionheart, a ridiculous over-actor who fakes his own death only to return and slaughter his critics using death scenes from Shakespeare.

Ralph Bakshi's Wizards was a dud - I kinda expected it to ropey but it well surpassed that with ugly, inconsistent animation, rank scripting and an under-developed post-apocalyptic plot about two warring Wizards on a far future Earth. Thank god it was only 80mins long.

Short Eyes is, by far, the best of today's little bunch of films. Starring and soundtracked by Curtis Mayfield this gritty prison drama deals with some serious issues when a be-suited Peedo lands in a gang ridden NY jail. This is powerful stuff and during the peedo's confessional scene rather disturbing too. The acting is decent enough but some of the dialogue is almost incomprehensible 70's street slang and they really should have subtitled some of the Puerto-Rican bits - none the less this is good film and a world away from Shaft et al.

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