Monday, 1 February 2010

Sunday Screenings

Dante's Inferno Animated was ok, not great but plenty of blood and gore. Inspired rather than based on the literary work it follows a Crusader's quest through the 9 levels of Hell to save the soul of his beloved fiance, Beatrice. Can't say the multi-animator approach worked that well but some were decent. Hope the game is better.

Daybreakers was equally as ho-hum, set on a vampire dominated earth with corporations farming humans for blood factory-style, Ethan Hawke stars as a vamp scientist trying to find a legitimate substitute to the red stuff. It's a jolly enough mish mash of cliches and action sequences but it makes little sense overall and it almost instantly forgettable.

Super daft french spy spoofery returns with OSS-117 Lost in Rio. Steeped in 60's style (think Flint or Diabolik) with a cracking soundtrack it follows Hubert's hunt for a Nazi in Brazil alongside a slinky Mossad agent. It's doesn't quite reach the comedy heights of the first film, maybe if I understood French it'd be funnier though as there seemed to greater reliance on puns and language gags this time. The first film had France colonial past in it's sights but this time I guess it's Nazi collaborators but it's thinly developed which was a shame, still it provides plenty of material for our bumbling ever ignorant hero.

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