Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Monstrous greed and a greedy Monster

Capitalism: A Love Story, Michael Moore's latest doco is a diatribe and a half, a full scale, two hour rant against our Corporate Masters and our charming trickle-down economic system and like Sicko it lands a fair few punches and certainly left me scratching my head and sharpening my oft-mentioned pitchfork. It's not perfect by any stretch but Moore raises some pretty serious questions throughout; for instance the "Dead Peasants" insurance policies companies are taking out on ill employees and the almost conspiratorial stuff about the timing of banking crisis/bailout.

Blood on Satan's Claw, recommended by a punter, was surprisingly good, a nice little atmospheric period set horror from 1971 about a village terrorised by a Devilish beast that was unearthed by the local ploughman, stupid farmer. Anyways after quite a few murders by the burgeoning satanic cult some roly poly Judge steps in to eradicate the evil once he's done some swotting up from a book of folklore. Despite it's cheapo effects and occasionally duff acting it manages to create a weird, almost hallucinatory, atmosphere of dread throughout, helped along by a excellent score and some decent cinematography. Must look and see if Tigon has any other gems tucked away.

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