Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Dross, Toon & Gorman

Whatever you do don't watch Couples Retreat it's a really, really bad film. Presumably it attracted such a starry cast cause they'd all get to visit a stunning tropical island for a few weeks but they could have least tried to make an effort with the film. Script by the numbers and maybe two laughs throughout do not make a enjoyable movie.

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, the latest animated feature from DC, was ok I'd seen this story played out in the TV series a few years ago and it was handled much better. In the earlier version the alternate DC-Earth J-League were more political, facististic overlords than the comedy Mafioso crime syndicate they're portrayed as here.

Dave Gorman live at The Festival Theatre - well that's what I'm gonna call it as it's advertised as part of his cycling tour but it had nowt to do with it. Bit odd, why not just change the name. Anyways he was quite funny even without a theme to base it on, peppering the show with vignettes of family life and other witterings. He will need to tighten it up though if he plans on continuing with straight stand up, that or trim the show down from 100mins.

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