Monday, 15 February 2010

Supplementary Visions from the Devices

CQ is little more than a b-movie within a b-movie though sadly it seems to have greater ambitions. Basically a feckless, self filming, obsessive editor is pushed into finishing a Barbarella-esque film being shot in mostly stereotyped Paris. It manages to homage Fonda's scifi classic well and Farraday from Lost shows some decent acting chops but it's paper thin and just a little too self conscious for my tastes. A few laughs would have lifted it considerably.

Dr Terror's House of Horrors is probably the best Amicus portmanteau I've seen so far, starring Roy Castle, Donald Sutherland, Lee & Cushing and, strangely, radio DJ Alan Freeman, five bizarro stories unfold from a tarot reading given to passengers in a train compartment by creepy Dr Schreck. This is a gem. I'd remake it or do a homage myself. Tubby Hayes provided some of the Jazz but I want to know bout the Voodoo music.

Beyond the Valley of The Dolls, god bless TCM, not seen this Russ Meyer does mainstream classic in a decade and it stands up well to the interior-memory-image-thing in my head. It's a funny, sexy satire on the showbiz life in LA and has a little bit of everything. Seen it before but this time around I was blown away by the music, some seriously ear pleasing 60's sounds throughout unless my ears are deceived by the usual D & D tis cool though I know someone to ask.

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