Sunday, 14 February 2010

Space, Grime and soon2be Mob Meat

Outland, starring big Sean, is solid space-western fare playing out very, very much like High Noon. It's not bad though managing a suitably grimy feel to the mining station and a reasonably intelligent script. Acting is professional mostly and even though Connery plods along with the same look on his face throughout his weary charm works well in this role.

Crikey o riley Fish Tank is two hours of seething British misery, it is a good film - don't get me wrong - all the actors are brilliant, it looks amazing and even has a few touching moments of lightness but it's almost like poverty porn, smug-burb-understand-chav shit or something, dunno but something felt off to me.

Somewhat related - I've been watching Tower Block of Commons. I wouldn't recommend watching it however as it sent me straight back to sharpening my mutherfunkin pitchfork as frankly ignorance abounds with every utterance. Oaten is probably the most tolerable (humility has it's rewards I guess) Nadine Dorries is a plastic faced nightmare of semi thinking, Loughton is like a fricking Tory hatchling - a stuffy, cloned middle class future awaits us all! The majority of my bile is reserved however for the massive prick that is Austin Mitchell, the fatty pseudo intellectual souse so ignorant he makes my arms twitch punchy style. Maybe's he's Andrew Neil's secret brother/lover? they're certainly on a par in studied-stupidity and they've both made long careers suckling on the teat of our politics with little discernible betterment. The simple fact about this show that irks me is that all these MP's seem shocked by the lives of ordinary Britains and that is an terrible indictment of our system all on it's own.

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