Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Stephen Chow could have a decent project finally in his sights according to Aintitcool. Apparently he's onto a remake of Bruce Lee's Way of The Dragon, simply called Tai Chi. Who's gonna play the Yeti/Norris character? anyways hopefully he can regain the spirit of Kung Fu Hustle coz CJ7 was a bit rubbish.

Some strange thinking going on in lalaland with a movie on the books based on primitive video game Missle Command? via scifisquad

John Carpenter has a new feature film set for release in Sept. called The Ward, ta to Scifiwire for heads up. The premise sounds promising - a loon in the nuthouse starts seeing ghosts. Cigarette Burns was one of the better eps from that Masters Of Horror series and he really should be churning stuff out.

Finally from IO9 is the QI news that Stephen Fry is going to be appearing in some sort of Scottish set Twin Peaksy type fantasy show by Paul McGuigan and Grant Morrison. Fingers crossed this actually makes it onto the screen.

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