Friday, 19 February 2010

Heavens Above

Scots perceive giant Toblerone UFO in the sky, probably my favourite UFO story in an age courtesy of the BBC. I suppose it's pretty strong evidence for the theory that sightings are some sort of psychological projection, I mean a chocolate bar for fooks surely could only be topped by a shimmering bottle of Bucky.

From the same data release is the story of Michael Howard MP's house being buzzed by UFO's with a number of witness, drop off or pick up? not sure anyways Icke-ists will be frothing at such details. thanks to the Grindaau.

If you're interested there's a nice article on Forgetomori bout the psychosocial evolution of the concept of UFO's from Nazi secret weapons to Alien craft. Not entirely convinced by the source article but it's a interesting line on the phenomenon should make good movie though, with Iron Sky looming.

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