Thursday, 11 February 2010

Wolfe Wolfe

Wolfe has a new book on the horizon and he's continuing his trend of allowing terrible cover art. I seriously love his books, own a fair few and I've bored plenty of people about him of the years but c'mon Gene get some new specs. I had a cringey experience once while reading There Are Doors on GNER and for further proof here's some guy's flicker collection of Wolfe cover badness and little sample below.

Bookworms beware! here's a sweet link to a 100 great Sci fi novels as compiled by an io9-er. Via Lupine Nuncino. Maybe I'm biased cause Wolfe takes the number one spot and quite a few other places but wtf there's no Alfred Bester? anyways it's certainly swelled my amazon wishlist, oo-er mrs.

And here's another interesting list of the top 15 Scifi book series, this time courtesy of Listverse

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