Sunday, 28 February 2010

Two films that didn't suck balls

I loved the original Rec and I've been waiting ages for the sequel and, maybe cause I managed my expectations in the interim, Rec 2 turned out to be more of the same jolly good zombie chomping fun - only it's not zombies no more - with a reasonable, imo, religious slant given to the proceedings. Dovetailing neatly with the end of the first film, we're now following a SWAT team escort a "specialist" into the doomed block of flats to retrieve some, er, samples. The sequel relies less on shaky cam antics but manages to flesh out the story a bit while providing plenty of scares and action throughout. It's not bad at all, a very enjoyable 90 mins and I hope they make a 3rd.

The latest Scorsese/Caprio film, Shutter Island, was pretty good. I'm not a huge fan of lil Leo but he's been showing a bit more acting chops lately and this paranoid thriller shows off his twitchy skills marvellously. Based on a Lehane novel the plot follows two Marshalls sent to a island based mental asylum to help locate a missing bampot. The plot isn't exactly rocket science and I think we'd sussed out the end before the halfway mark but regardless it's a well acted and beautifully shot piece that's brimming with film references and plenty of suspense.

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