Sunday, 17 January 2010

Author's words, one from beyond the grave

Fascinating bit on ScifiSquad bout PKD's impressions of Blade Runner. I'd always thought he died before seeing it and he was right it's impact has been overwhelming, actually not a huge fan myself but I can't think of another film that has a market for 3 separate cuts. Anyways it's a fat juicy piece of nerd history, original post via Letters of Note

In the land of the living I can't say I agree with China's assessment of Cameron's FX success - I'm a bit of a fan of the old CGi trickery but I get it, there is a special "otherness" the Harryhausen figures have in their relation to the actors that the CGi wizards deliberately avoid. None the less Meiville does good book, am reading The City, The City at the moment. ViaEndoftheUniverse

Avatar's £1bn haul hasn't stopped the detractors from pointing out it's similarities with Dances With Wolves, Pocahontas and now a new claim from the remaining Strugatsky brother about the alarming similarities with their Noon Universe series of books. Cameron denies it obviously.

As a little reality check from scifi read Ben Goldacre's Bad Science column recent skewering of Metro/Mail readers in a piece on the positioning of ancient sites and er, Woolworth stores. I think Goldacre should follow in Brooker's footsteps and start televisual works and soon. We need some brainifying fast.

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  1. as a big fan of the film i have only just (about) finished reading the book. which to be honest didn't live up to my expectations...does this mean i have to relinquish my sci-fi badge? further discussion on this very topic can wait until the pub...